Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Guys like me suck completely at graphical design, so I did like this template that they've allowed me to use here.. thanks...

Windows X Linux and more...


Even though I agree that being a Linux user is much more cool to a geek like me (I really love when someone calls me geek), I hardly get time to use it. Although, it makes no difference because I hardly touch network and system administration tools. I prefer Linux but use Windows...

I agree that the best C++ IDE is Visual Studio, although I think I'd enjoy the full version of CBuilder X. I liked the free version, but no RAD tools. I know just the basics of MFC. I know the SWING API pretty well, so I prefer OOP GUI libraries and I am lazy to do a lot of typing using the WIN32S APIs. Even guys like Charles Petzold prefer C# GUI library, so why would you bother to insist with the old C libraries?

Speaking of it, I was trying the Tkinter library and the first example was really fast that impressed me. I'd not use RAD tools except for complex tasks and the programming model that Tkinter makes use is similar to Java Swing. Sometimes I become too confused when I try to think what's happening in the background, lots of C code going around, lots of threads. But for guys like me that didn't go for Computer Science at college (I wish), it is easier to encapsulate the complexity. I think if ones does a good job designing an API like SWING of tkinter, it saves lots of time and allows the user to focus on programming.

That's all.

Music advice: Cynic "Focus". Technical Jazz Death Metal.

I have enjoyed this a ton


I enjoyed this blog a lot. I used to have my own blog on HTML, and I later gave up and started a blog. In Portuguese. Why do I write in english right now? Because it's fun. Actually, I chose English because I have my own website in Portuguese, so I found it cool to try a different language.

My former blog hoster had troubles to display an editor just like this I am using now. I use Mozilla and the only time I was forced to switch to IEs was when I needed some format. And I strongly prefer Mozilla to IE, I just moved off.

I hate the city I am forced to live as well as my job.

I have fun when I see my kid and wife, family, friends or watch a film or program anything.

My wife and I are trying to lose weight and it is painfull, but worth the suffering.

Let me try some python now...