Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I have enjoyed this a ton


I enjoyed this blog a lot. I used to have my own blog on HTML, and I later gave up and started a blog. In Portuguese. Why do I write in english right now? Because it's fun. Actually, I chose English because I have my own website in Portuguese, so I found it cool to try a different language.

My former blog hoster had troubles to display an editor just like this I am using now. I use Mozilla and the only time I was forced to switch to IEs was when I needed some format. And I strongly prefer Mozilla to IE, I just moved off.

I hate the city I am forced to live as well as my job.

I have fun when I see my kid and wife, family, friends or watch a film or program anything.

My wife and I are trying to lose weight and it is painfull, but worth the suffering.

Let me try some python now...

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