Monday, September 20, 2004

During the weekend

Besides playing a little with C# on WIN98, I actually spent time with my son and wife. I also listened to lots of great music, part of it had my son with me. Bozzio Levin And Stevens, Jethro Tull, Tempest, Van Hallen, Sophistree, Peter Gabriel, Aghora and a few more.

It looks like my 1 year and eightmonths son, digs rock and roll! WOW...


Besides, I watched an excellent film, which was "25th Hour" by Spike Lee. Man, I really enjoyed the films I saw by Spike, but this one ranks with "Jungle Fever". Also, the soundtrack by Mr. Terence Blanchard is superb. I recommend this 2002 movie and I am not sure why most of Spike's films are absent in the video/DVD renting stores. Also, saw a "Circ D'Soleil" film on HBO, which rocks like hell. I am not a big Circus fan, basically because I find putting animals to make funny things too stupid. But "Circ D'Soleil" does not have animals besides humans. I think I enjoy it more because of the live music or because those artists are really great at their jobs.

On Friday I saw the last "Carga Pesada" episode. It is a Brazilian TVSHOW. In the 70s/80s they were a popular series here and there's a 2003/2004 season going on TV. But it was cancelled because they want that "The City of God" crew new series to replace it. I find it too sad, because "Carga Pesada" in both eras, is one of my favorite series. Two truck drivers travel through the Brazilian country and find lots of good stories to interact. It has two of the best actors in Brazil, named Stenio Garcia and Antonio Fagundes and plots that go beyond the regular and average Brazilian scripts.

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