Saturday, September 04, 2004

It is not an easy world


Everybody has  have seen the massacre in Russia. There are no acts that justify the killing of innocent. Not even killing more innocent children. We know that the Russian government has acted in same vile ways to the Tchechenian people but nobody will judge their actions legit  movements to save their nation now. Instead, they are now, just another group of terrorists, that do not want anything else besides causing sadness and horror to achieve their goals.

I would not be surprised if the Russian government responded it with more force.

In the meantime, in Brazil, drug dealers, robbers and kidnappers are doing their job. Politicians still take away money from the fees. Our president lies in his own castle of illusion and leaves the country to his colleagues  just allowing them to implement bizarre actions that evoke socialism mixed with neo-capitalism.

Nobody gives the proper importance to technology. They plant sugar cane and sell it abroad. This is our curse, or has been our curse since 1500, plant and sell sugar. We make the cakes and pies all around the world but we destroy our natural resources. We drive cars with alcohol-based engines but the nature is getting dry. The town I live is the ultimate example: the biggest sugar cane production from this world comes from Sertaozinho-SP and the weather and the nature there, practically look like like a desert. A sugar cane desert....

A moment of silence for this world and for the children that died in Russia...

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