Thursday, September 02, 2004

More of DIO

I have listened to "Inferno: Last In Live" and "Magica".

The first one: Excellent live album full of favorite songs of mine. My son and I actually headbanged to "Long Live Rock And Roll" before his bath. The kid is only 1 year and 7 months but has a future :-) !

"Magica" is another excellent album, with a good story and Craig Goldy performs pretty well.
It is great to see Simon Wright (former AC/DC drummer ) playing with DIO. The original DIO bassist also plays at "Magica".

btw, Steve Vai at Orkut, added me in his friend's list. Although I am not sure that's Vai, I am finding that it is possible to be...

My friend Chang and his wife Yi Wei are coming home tonight. They will cook Chinese "pasteis" and my wife will cook "canjiquinha". I think this is gonna rock. Yeah, my wife and I will have to forget the diet for at least today...

Music Advice: Steve Vai "Sex And Religion", my favorite Vai.

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