Monday, September 20, 2004

More of Mordor

It is fun that I call Microsoft "Mordor" because I actually like some of their software, basically:

Word, Excel, Visual C++ and C# and I might add WIN2000 too.


Anyways, Mordor says about .NET:

System Requirements

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP

Terrified WIN98 home user like me? Yeah, if you don't plan to run .NET pages, .NET runs OK. I can't say what does run and what not. The article where I learned how to do it (which is plain simple) was written in 2000, and I am not sure whether the author updated it.

As I already mentioned, I installed the new version of Sharp Develop
and it runs perfectly on WINDOWS 98 and it's more stable than the other versions I have used.

My home set is a AMDk7 1.2GHz on a Soyu motherboard, 32Mbytes of Video memory, 128Mbytes of RAM. I actually only need an upgrade on RAM memory but for programmers like me, super mega ultra processors won't make difference. I am from a time, I had to run Delphi image processing algorithms on P1 or 486 and a machine that had 256 Mbytes of RAM was unique.

Blind .NET and Microsoft users will argue that it is an heresy to install .NET on WIN98. They will also point out that I am wasting time not focusing on web programming. I actually don't care. Asked to do web programming I'd rather use JSP/Servlets or I would try to learn PHP (with pleasure) rather than using .NET. Although I do enjoy C#.

"Horrors and terrors", should I quote a friend of mine...

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