Sunday, October 31, 2004

Sorry for being absent...


I admit that I haven't posted much here lately. My job consumes me a lot these days.

I saw "Troy". I thought it'd suck, but I had many factors that would make me enjoy it:

- great actors (Brian Cox, Sean Bean, Brad Pitt (you gotta admit the guy is a great actor), etc )
- Wolfgan Petersen the director
- Excellent digital reconstruction
- The story took place more than 2000 years ago

Well, I was not disappointed.. I didn't watch it after the finnest art on Earth, it is just a simple fun. Of course,
some American films made to aim it may be horrible as well as pseudo-art films. As much as I miss
DVDs easy to rent and available from Spike Lee, Kieslowiski , Truffault, Coppolla or Martin Scorcese on the DVD store, I don't mind watching good and fun movies like "Troy". Sean Bean (Ulisses and also Boromir
on LoTR) and Brian Cox(Agamenon) steal the show!

Honestly speaking I like those "artistic directors" because I have fun watching their films.

In the technology field, I am basically getting my eletronics books again, digging C deeper (even more), reading PIC datasheets and tutorials and helping ZeRo with C++.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Queensryche "tribe"

A friend of mine cd-red me the new Marillion. I like it so much that I went out for buying it today just to find out that nobody had it for sale. I saw Queensryche "tribe" and bought it. I am fan since 1986, so I might be a little biased to say that I loved it. I only can't get why the booklet has no lyrics and horrible font to read the text..

Monday, October 04, 2004

Sunny Monday and Rainy Sunday

Yeah, even though it might sound weird that's what we got here. Thanks to God it has rained all weekend but the sun is back. I am not a gothic depressed fellow, it's just that the air level of moisture was around 5 % last week and the temperature went beyond 40 .o C. Well, I am again back to job searching.

There was an ellection for mayors and councillors this weekend and I just didn't vote. Well, I had to justify to be out of my area as I haven't transfered my ellection card or whatever this is named.
I met one of the candidates for mayor while my wife, son and I were driving this weekend. I said
I didn't vote, and he said, whatever, shake my hand! WOW.