Sunday, October 31, 2004

Sorry for being absent...


I admit that I haven't posted much here lately. My job consumes me a lot these days.

I saw "Troy". I thought it'd suck, but I had many factors that would make me enjoy it:

- great actors (Brian Cox, Sean Bean, Brad Pitt (you gotta admit the guy is a great actor), etc )
- Wolfgan Petersen the director
- Excellent digital reconstruction
- The story took place more than 2000 years ago

Well, I was not disappointed.. I didn't watch it after the finnest art on Earth, it is just a simple fun. Of course,
some American films made to aim it may be horrible as well as pseudo-art films. As much as I miss
DVDs easy to rent and available from Spike Lee, Kieslowiski , Truffault, Coppolla or Martin Scorcese on the DVD store, I don't mind watching good and fun movies like "Troy". Sean Bean (Ulisses and also Boromir
on LoTR) and Brian Cox(Agamenon) steal the show!

Honestly speaking I like those "artistic directors" because I have fun watching their films.

In the technology field, I am basically getting my eletronics books again, digging C deeper (even more), reading PIC datasheets and tutorials and helping ZeRo with C++.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Dan! Gabriel over here.

I didn't watch "Troy" yet but your review made me try to take a look at it.

Talking about movies... I watched a movie from Venezuela today, called "Punto y raya" ("Step Forward" in English), at the 28th São Paulo international film festival. What a funny and nice movie!

BTW, I'm working on a new template for my blog. As soon as I finnish it, I'll link you blog over there.

Well, that's all for now.


Daniel said...

Hey Gabriel

There are lots of films I want to see, it is sad to know that DVD stores won't have them for rent.

I specially enjoy Spanish films. I want to see that Walter Salles film pretty much.

I saw "Cidade de Deus" yesterday. I t was excellent, contrary to what I thought..