Tuesday, November 23, 2004

"The Apprentice" Brazil


I haven't missed an episode. For starters I thought it'd suck because my Roberto Justus initial and not accurate views of his of character and opinions, but I ended up respecting his views and choices and most of all, his business analysis. I actually am a rather technical guy, but I have been forced to think about marketing and business because a lot of interviews focus at this to select people.

However, I think business and marketing people could sell anything with a decent propaganda and for me this is what implies in a degradation of our society; we give value to sell rather than design. People want to make millions out of management and marketing and tons of Brazilians are millionaire due to it. However, what does matter for evolution and to make a more decent nation is science and technology. Not mono-culture of sugar cane, or producing steel, or selling orange juice. It is computer hardware, software, bioscience, electronics, strong history and human sciences guys and girls that do matter.

Today a new chapter of "The Apprentice".

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