Tuesday, November 16, 2004

C, Motorola, film and others


I received an special edition of CodeWarrior ( MetroWerks ) IDE and C compiler for Motorola's 68HC08 and 68HC012 microcontrollers. Up to a certain limitations they send this CD for free.
Also, you can request hardcopies of Motorola's books from Motorola. For free.


Take note, now Freescale is the Motorola's brand for semiconductors. If you asked me for a dream job would be at Motorola. They rock the world.

I am thinking to write a C tutorial in Portuguese, but dedicated to novice programmers. I think there are excellent books in this area, but none are free. I would enjoy to teach public school kids to program in C if my schedule allowed me. If more people knew C, this world would be better.

Films: I have seen:

- I Robot : Excellent thriller. Sci Fi at finnest. If you ever read Asimov's tales you will enjoy it a ton.
- Butterfly Effect: based on a Bradbury's tale, non linear dynamic systems scientists, aka chaos theory scientists create the term "butterfly effect". It is related to the fact that small effects might affect systems so that great outputs are created. For ex, if a butterfly flies its wings, it might move air particles so that it ends up with a new tornado. In dynamic systems, the
fly of the wings is the input and the ouput is the massive moving of the air particles. Operational amplifiers may be used to create oscilations if you use feedback. A simple 0 V input might create
an oscillation. Past events might affect future events. Through this premise, they did an excellent film.
-Shrek 2: Part one was ok, but this is one is so amazing and funny. It is funny and it is intelligent.
- I saw a Sean's Pen film with Jack Nickolson, whose title I can't remember, but it was excellent.
I am always surprised with directors that can deal with violence and do not make abusive films through it rather just showing how vile and violent the human race is.

Van Helsing sucks a lot. Bleargh.

I saw the "Threasure of Sierra Madre" DVD by John Huston for sale and could almost not resist.
Man, I love this film. If I was rich...

Should I be rich.....

I also know that there are many DVD versions of my favorite shows being sold in USA: Quantum Leap, Millennium, Babylon 5... Man....

I also know that the Visual C++ 2005 Beta is sold for 20 dollars and I don't have even 20 dollars.

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