Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Do you read this?

Good question. I hesitated a lot prior to start blogging because I am a nerd that likes to write his own XHTML code. But, I found out that Blogger just writes decent XHTML and W3C Compliant code. Blogging is an exercise of introspection, as you don't really know if you are read. As you see I keep referring to my favorite subjects:

- programming
- music
- films

Back in 1990 my father had a PC XT and I made a banner to a high school part . A friend of mine asked me if I could write a program to make it. I had to tell you him that it wasn't necessary. Personal Computers generally are for regular usage.

I actually don't mind that most people use it for simply using the internet, but I think it is a little strange for me that people want more and more easy solutions like that bizarre AOL interface.
When I first used internet back in 1995 everything was new and I felt like I was walking in a new ground. At that time I wondered how all those networks worked and now that I know it well I know for sure that there are a lot more to learn.

I am specially interested in microcontrollers: PIC and Motorola. Why? That's my job and I think embed systems is the coolest area of engineering as it includes eletronics, programming and many details. Basically, everyting can be defined in a loop:


If you close the LOOP you get a CLOSED LOOP control.

The user input must be converted to an electric signal and next to a digital value. We call this, analog to digital conversion. (CONTINUES...)

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