Monday, November 29, 2004

It was late at night

Sundays are the most boring annoying days because you're always thinking about Monday. Heh.

I always watch E.R on Warner Channel and they have a new show that's aired before E.R named Jack And Bobby. Man, it looks like a great one. But during a commercial, I saw an advertisement. Someone in an airplane was emailing. Well, this is the most concrete example of encapsulation I know. Because that guy does not care for TCP-IP or SMTP or how the hell his email would leave his notebook 10 Km above the sea. Wireless connections, satelytes do not come at his mind. It's just like you and I emailing using Thunderbird from home.

As more as I get deep at OOP I just think all the languages that support it are similar. As more as I think on low level program, I like pure C more and more.

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