Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Toffolo, Alemao, "Cidade de Deus"..

When I worked for cutrale in 2000, a co-worker of mine, who was a process engineer, said that "Once you make a professional choice, you direct your whole life. Make a wrong decision and you will have to face it all life". It was a hot August Saturday and we were eating a "feijoada". Fast enough to go back to work.

This weekend, I had to replace one of the tyres of my car and I eventually had to buy a new one. I was visitting my parents at Botucatu and I always go for the Alemao store in these cases. Alemao is for sure the best tyre store and the best place to repair tyres and to do all the tyre related stuff. Major tyre chains can't rival with him. Alemao is probably rich, but he still helps his employees to replace tyres, although he might not smile, the guy treats everybody with the same respect. His store is not open just on Sunday afternoons. I don't think I know anyone with better service. Yeah, the prices are excellent too. His employees are the sort of people that tell you: I can help you to buy a cheaper tyre but that still works.

I saw "Cidade de Deus/City Of God". It was much better than I thought. I abhor the guy who wrote the book which was the basis for the film, but the film is great.

That said, I was thinking about some power metal songs which describe how to face your enemies, but I ended up just thinking about professional choices. Wrong choices. In your
job, not many people will be friends with you in fact. But many will pretend. Beware. This can
kill your carrier.

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