Monday, December 20, 2004


Lately, I haven't been able to code at my job, as I've been writting manuals. But as we're heading to a break due to Holydays I got some time to dig ASP.NET better- they don't mind if it is for a work purpose as we have some electronic control written in ASP. It is interesting to convert it to a better style). I always enjoyed C#, but ASP.NET was a bit weird for me. But now, I got how interesting it is for web programmers. I use:

web matrix

you may design very complex pages easily and still have control over your code. God, I am even tempted to code XML again. Hey Nicolas, if you read this, I am trying to dig your code deeper,
just be patient please.

There's gotta be something wrong with me as I am becoming more and more a Microsoft fan. However, I think that ASP.NET owes a lot more to that Borland Delphi guy than to Bill Gates.
But no, I won't use IE.

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