Friday, December 03, 2004

Serial COM in C


I've been studying C programming using the API to communicate with the
serial port using WINDOWS and the Microsoft C/C++ compiler. I am actually
implementing examples from Professor Constantino Seixas Filho, PHD from UFMG
and trying to put modularize everything.

Professor Constantino has a real interesting page with his lectures that can
be found at:

Warning: I tried to compile it under BCC55 and DevC++/MingC and it won't work.
It happens because the code uses MS Typedefs, and the other compilers won't find
these references to the API structures and constants.

Although I can help you to learn it, I am not saying that I am the author of
this code. I rather just modified it a bit.

I just plan to create a framework to communicate a PC with a microcrontroller,
maybe a PIC or HC12.

If you would like to read the code, please visit my web site. It is clear that this API isn't much harder to grasp than the Java one. However, it apparently runs ok only on VC6.

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