Tuesday, December 14, 2004


I am not a graphic artist, nor I am a web designer ( not professional at least) but I had this itchy on my fingers and a voice saying "tableless...".

So it used to be :


Now it is:


With two collumns I think I should have never used tables. Or frames. It is interesting that I can design a css/XHTML page to match a layout made on photoshop but that I suck incredibly when trying to layout. That's why I try simple layouts.

Not because I can't afford DreamWeaver, I rather prefer to code it by hand so tableless might imply a bit more work than tables. But as you have a basic layout it is easier to improve it from a root CSS tableless file than one made of tables.

But I don't mind. Lots of sites, even the biggest ones, still use tables. Gmail uses frames, Orkut uses tables and font tags.

On a complete different issue, I am getting tired of Java as I go enjoying C#. Unfortunately I don't feel like coding anything lately. I still owe Nicolas Colombain a few code lines and also
C# keeps me hauting every day.

I am also trying to buy a bass guitar. A 5 string one. To achieve it, I will have to sell my N2 Washburn Guitar. I am a big enthusiast of bass and also have written many bass lines for
my music, so it is time to finally get a bass... When I try out an harmony I usually prefer my acoustic guitar.

Dra. M. Silvia says that I need to run or do something to release the anger I feel here at my job.

Bass playing helps.

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