Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Why should I work with a cold?

I won't thank God for the wheater here at Sertaozinho. After all, it's the idiots that live here (that screwed up the vegetation so much, planting sugar cane with all the bad that comes from it), that I blame for destroying a large portion of my state.

There is a house close to where I work and there used to be a large tree, which spread a wide shadow where I used to park my car. The owner of the house is an old angry man, and he didn't like that other people than him parked their cars "in his own shadow". hehe So he cut off the tree. Yeah, here in Sertaozinho, they don't mind cutting off trees. As a whole, they are dumber than average and add to it that most people here has never learned manners.

So, I am not proud of this town. I hate it. 40 C under the sun and the rain does not come.

Gotta love it, huh?

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