Monday, January 03, 2005

The tragedy in Asia


When I saw it I thought 3500 deaths were not too much, but with the days the number has grown, but I wasn't really thinking about it as something that was real. Then, I saw on TV about a village that was devastated by the waves. Nobody survived.

On September 11th, 3500 died. We blamed Bin Laden.

This time, we can't blame anyone except mother earth. There are no words to be said now. So, I think that at least a lot of people is helping. Yeah, this simple thought saved my day. Fuck man,
although we are animals that still kill each other daily, we still help people when we are in trouble and this is the best thing that can be taken out of this tragedy: we still care for the other person at our side.

I am trying my best to see this as a tragedy and not as something that has images that we gotta see.


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