Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Will Eisner

One of the greatest writers and artist of our time has passed away. Yesterday, the gothic sister has spread her wings to take the master away.

When he created Spirit most people compared his work to Orson Wells. To me, Eisner was much bigger than Wells. Very talented writer, he was the sort of guy who could use a few words to create an impact bigger than 1000 lines of verses. I am not a artist, but his black and white work has no paralel in the western civilization (I only rank with another master that has gone Goseki Goshima from LonlyWolf). I may have read "The Building" 10 times and "A Contract With God" was borrowed from a friend of mine. I don't get too affected when a celebrity dies, but the last flight of mr. Will Eisner was too much to know. It's weird that I forgot about it when I went back home yesterday, maybe because of my son, but today, reading online newspapers, I can only say have a good flight Master!

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