Friday, May 20, 2005

Embbeded Systems


In the future the embed programming :

In the hardware side intel, ARM and Motorola uCs will have most of the market, while developers will use C and Java to program them. Whenever a J2ME machine can be executed, developers will use Java. It´s easy to understand why old developers migrate their applications to C instead of C++. Because you need to change a paradigm. Large C++ applications need UML analysis and design. Perhaps, for small applications C fits better, though devs should worry about modularization otherwise we tend to see non stable bizarre software.

It has grown the idea of template for large C applications so that the developer just customize the final product, not needing to bug off with setting memory and hardware parameters. The guys that made the hardware know it better than you and me, don´t you agree?

In the future, forget about COM and LPT1 ports, it will be most of it Ethernet and USB for local connections. Wireless, will come at hand too. You knew that , didn´t you?

The point, however, will be system interconnection. Say you have a system for PDA and most certainly you will need to connect it to a large data base system located in another type of
station. C++ has significant better performance than Java, so I think while Sun cannot make it
as fast as C++, C++ will stay on the top.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005



Sorry for the absense.. I´ve been consumed by job and family. Not that I complain ;-)

I have been studying UML ( very slowly ) as I think it is a great tool for describing a virtual
world or enviroment like the Matrix. Multithread and multitask have been constant to me.
But in pure C....

Music I have listened to: Meshuggah, Tool, Metallica, Bach, Satriani, Vai, Morse and many others.