Saturday, July 23, 2005

Haunted mistery room

When I was young, my uncle´s room had a dim light most of times. I tried to avoid going there because my uncle said "beware with all this!", but I always entered the room. Magic books, LPs, film posters , painting, comic books and miniatures filled the spaces.

I just ignored my fear and went there to check out the packages that carried out mistery. Horror books scared me, but they rocked the hell. Many LPs which I didn´t like at that time, now are favorites of mine like Yes, Peter Gabriel or Kate Bush albums. Those posters still live in my memory, altough I don´t know what my uncle did with them.

The room was full of sci-fi books -I became a fan of the genre before actually reading any book-. Asterix, Mafalda, Dune, Gentle Giant. When my uncle got a VCR, he connected the output to his stereo and that was a real new experience. The first time I saw Blade Runner was there at the room. I need to say that most of my hobbies came out from that room, or directly from my uncle. So, I don´t regret any single bit of don´t listening my uncle and going there inside the room, although I am totally sure that he knew that I spent hours and hours there.

To be honest, I have my own small room of misteries but it is both an attempt to make my uncle´s room and a palid version of the original one.

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