Friday, July 22, 2005

An outstanding C++ Online course

So far, it is free. It covers the basics, intermediate and advanced C++ including a few GDI tips. It is actually great for reference and for STL and Data Structures learning, which I think my C++ book, Deitel & Deitel fails a little bit.

A great quick reference for C++:

I also like Thinking in C++ v1, although the abusive ammount of "tricky" literally self indulgement of the author ( like for ex, the main function evokes sensations of my old experiences of old memories yadda etc):

I keep a copy of the book on my palm top and read it eventually. Well, I like the Eckel´s style hehehe

Be aware that C++ or C tutorials that use void main() {//...} as the main function must be totally ignored as they are NOT ANSI C++ or ANSI C. In ANSI C if you ommit the function data return you are defaulting it to "int", not void. The compiler expects that you return a int within main, so if you ommit the return you are using the default.

By seeing that most people today LOVES java and the horrible J2EE I decided that I will hate JAVA heheheh
J/k but I won´t bother much with their specific APIs. I like it to exemplify OOP theory, and GOD, the Swimg API despite the obvious performance trouble, is excellent.

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