Thursday, October 05, 2006

Long time no seeya

I haven't posted here lately.

Why? I am very busy at work. Good excuse ;-) I hardly touched my home PC lately.. I should upgrade it. I would do it if I could afford. Lately I have been thinking to
install an UNIX emulator, since I have been used with it lately so I can have fun and perhaps I can get some of the cool features of UNIX without bothering to install Linux.

Other day I was typing something at the WINDOWS shell and instead of hitting DIR I typed ls.. This is the price of getting experienced with Unix.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Please enjoy, my bookmarks.


Barra dos favoritos

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Free Matlab

Scilab Home Page
Scicos Homepage
FREE: Ladder Logic Editor and Simulator for Windows.


Cyclomatic Complexity
Eclipse Metrics Plugin - Team in a Box
Metrics Eclipse Plugin by Team in a Box Ltd.


MinGW - Home
Home of MinGW -- Minimalist GNU for Windows -- project. Contains information about the MinGW runtime library and GNU/OSS development tools for MinGW.
MinGW - Documentation
Home of MinGW -- Minimalist GNU for Windows -- project. Contains information about the MinGW runtime library and GNU/OSS development tools for MinGW.
MinGW - Download
Home of MinGW -- Minimalist GNU for Windows -- project. Contains information about the MinGW runtime library and GNU/OSS development tools for MinGW.
MinGW - Frequently Asked Questions
Home of MinGW -- Minimalist GNU for Windows -- project. Contains information about the MinGW runtime library and GNU/OSS development tools for MinGW.


2B1445 Embedded Systems
Apogee Software, Inc.
ARM architecture - Psychology Central
ARM architecture_ Information From
ARM ASSEMBLER PROGRAMMING; tutorial, resources, and examples
ARM Documentation - Application Notes
ARM Documentation
ARM projects
ARMuC Wiki HomePage
Differences Between ARM6 and Earlier ARM Processors
EE2 Computing Course main page
ELEC2041 Lectures
ELEC2041 Microprocessors and Interfacing
eMbedded Development Ultimate Information Site
GCC ARM Improvement Project
GNU tools based IDE for XScale, PowerPC, ARM revised
Samsung 2410 ARM Processor Information - S3C2410X01
SAMSUNG's Digital World - Semiconductor
Semiconductor _ Mobile Solutions _ Mobile ASSP
ECE 437
16/32-bit ARM
The 16/32-bit LPC2000 family is based on a 1.8V ARM7TDMI-S core operating at up to 60 MHz together with a wide range of peripherals including multiple serial interfaces, 10-bit ADC and external bus options.
Philips Semiconductors - Microcontrollers [Products - 16-/32-Bit ARM9 Core Microcontrollers (MCUs) and Microcontroller (MCU) Functions]
Philips Semiconductors is the leading, world-wide supplier of standard logic, I2C, interface, microcontrollers, analog, and RF ICs. Part of Phillips Electronics, we have datasheets, application notes, IBIS and SPICE models, FAQ, selections, package data, and more.
Philips Semiconductors - Microcontrollers [Products - 16-/32-Bit ARM7 Core Microcontrollers (MCUs) and Microcontroller (MCU) Functions]
Philips Semiconductors is the leading, world-wide supplier of standard logic, I2C, interface, microcontrollers, analog, and RF ICs. Part of Phillips Electronics, we have datasheets, application notes, IBIS and SPICE models, FAQ, selections, package data, and more.
GNU ARMâ„¢ toolchain for Cygwin, Linux and MacOS - Resources
GCC ARM Improvement Project
SkyEye - Open Source Simulator
About SkyEye
Software ARM
Octopus Arm Simulator
IQ Online - IQ – Print Version
IQ Online Past Issues
AMBA Home Page
ARM Devlopments
About Acorn computers and ARM processors
Acorn computers - hardware, software, OS, history, ARM processors
ARM Core Families
Site Index for Spring 2006 CS201 Web Pages
EENG 449bG
Windows Mobile Team Blog : ARM Assembly Language tutorial
I originally wrote this tutorial on how to debug ARM code at the assembly level for my team, but it's generic enough that other people might find it useful:
It's not meant to teach you every last thing about ARM assembly, but
Peter J. Knaggs
Tarmac - Dynamically recompiling ARM emulator
QCT Login
ARM projects
GNU ARMâ„¢ toolchain for CygWin, Linux and MacOS
GNU ARM toolchain distribution
The ARM Instruction Set Architecture
ARM C Compiler Comparison - ARM7 C Compiler for STR7
Benchmarks for the STR7 (ST ARM) Compilers.
comparison between the different ARM7 C Compiler. Raisonance use a GNU C Compiler
The University of Manchester :: People :: Professor Steve Furber
Knowledge horizons: profiles of research areas, researchers, research groups, facilities and centres of research excellence at The University of Manchester


Alice Springs Trivia Page

Bass And Music Theory

A Jazz Improvisation Primer - with bass guitar lessons bass tab mp3 music scales gear and other goodies...
Bass Guitar Scale Page
Bass Lessons, Bass Guitar Lessons, Electric Bass Lessons, RockBass, Rock Bass, bass player, onl
Beginning BASSics_ Introductions
Chords 2 - 1000 Great Guitar Sites on the Web
Contra baixo
Dolmetsch Online - Music Theory Online - Counterpoint
Download the Free MidiNotate Player
Electric Blues Club - Free Music Lessons, Music Tutorials, Learn to Play Online
Fender Players Club - Bass Lessons
Free music software, midi files, mp3s, online music lessons, sheet music, Midi and MP3 players
Free music theory lessons for experienced guitar players
Free Music Theory Workbooks!
Guitar Chords (part one)
Guitar Lessons - Music Theory, Scales And Chords, Bass
Henk haverhoek's Bass Exercises
How Bass Guitar Scales Are Constructed
MidiNotate - Download a trial version
Modes And Modal Scales
Music Scales - I Write The
Music Theory AND_ scales, tutorials, home recordings, audio grounding, sound proofing, recordin
Music Theory for Guitar - Introduction
Music Theory Page
Music Theory With The Surfing Pharaoh
MVHP - Portal de Cifras __ A sua revista de música na Internet !
Scales for Improvising Jazz
teoría - Music Theory Web - Espacio dedicado a la teoría musical
The Mystery of the Modal Scales _ Lesson by Peter Simms - 100.000 Cifras com Desenhos de Acordes
Acervo de 400.000 cifras nacionais e internacionais com desenhos de acordes e mudança de tom em tempo real. Cifras de violão/guitarra e teclado, midis, tablaturas e fotos de bandas e músicos.
Cifra Club - seu site de cifras e tablaturas
O 1º e mais completo site de cifras e tablaturas do Brasil


Espírito de porco
Fotolog da Akemi - UOL Blog
Zlog [ - - ] - UOL Blog
Nada existe sem seu oposto
Folha Online - Blogs - Marcelo Coelho - Cultura e Crítica
Folha Online - Blogs da Folha
Daniel Swan - bon vivant, geek, bioinformatician, chappist
Daniel Swan
Nada existe sem seu oposto

Bookmarks Toolbar Folder


A Tutorial on Pointers and Arrays in C
An introduction to C
An Introduction to GCC - Table of Contents
ANSI C for Programmers on UNIX Systems
Brian Kernighan
C Compiler - Optimizing C Compilers, ANSI, MISRA, GNU - Green Hills Software
C programming course and tutorial
comp.lang.c Frequently Asked Questions - Programming Tutorials C++ Made Easy and C Made Easy - Programming Tutorials_ C++ Made Easy and C Made Easy
Creating Encryption Programs in C _ - Groovyweb Free Downloads and Tutorials
Curso C - 2005
Dennis Ritchie Home Page
Excellent C course_reference pure ANSI C
FTP directory _pub_gtk_v2.8_win32 at
GCC Home Page - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Getting Started with CGI Programming in C
GNU Binary Utilities_ windres
GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) Internals
GTK+ 2.0 Tutorial
gtkmm - the C++ interface to GTK+
LCC-Win32_ A free compiler system for Windows Operating Systems by Jacob Navia
Linked Lists
MySQL C API by Example
Phil's C Course
Programming in C
Snippets of C code
The C Book - Table of Contents
Win32 gtk+ Howto
An Introduction to GCC - a tutorial for new users of gcc and g++
An Introduction to GCC - a tutorial for new users of gcc and g++ by B. Gough available as a printed book (ISBN 0954161793), published by Network Theory Ltd
Resource Standard Software Source Code Metrics For C, C++, C# and Java
Publisher of Software tools for programmers including Software source code metrics tools for C, C++ and Java supporting both UNIX and Windows operating systems. Tools for source code quality analysis and source code metrics.
Welcome to OpenC++
Free Program (Source Code) Checkers, Debuggers and Bug Trackers (
Source code checkers, debuggers, bug trackers, lint, etc
Splint - Win32 Installation
Splint - Win32 Installation
c++ Programming Tutorials -
ANSI C programming training courses, articles and tutorials, Learn the structure and mythology of programming using C++.
MinGW - Home
Home of MinGW -- Minimalist GNU for Windows -- project. Contains information about the MinGW runtime library and GNU/OSS development tools for MinGW.
MinGW - mingw hosted cross compiler
To compile and link executables for an embedded target under windows you require a cross compiler for your required processor. This is almost as easy with a properly configured msys/mingw installation as it is with a linux machine, merely requiring a few patches for some things that aren't available in a windows native environment.
The Unofficial C for Dummies Web Page
Are you Ready For C99? ||
BVRDE - Remote Compile and Debug IDE
BVRDE - a Remote Compile and Debug IDE for Windows. Edit, compile and debug LINUX and UNIX apps.
BVRDE - Remote Compile and Debug IDE
BVRDE - a Remote Compile and Debug IDE for Windows. Edit, compile and debug LINUX and UNIX apps.
Scintilla and SciTE is the home of the Scintilla editing component and SciTE text editor application.


A Beginners C++
A free tutorial on using the C++ Standard Template Library or STL. It covers containers, iterat
ArcticLabs Coding Standards
Bjarne Stroustrup's Homepage
Borland C++ Builder
C++ Builder Home Page
C++ Builder resources
C++ Notes_ Table of Contents
C++ Programming Language Tutorials
C++ Standard Library Quick Reference
C++, Visual C++ and MFC - Tips and Tricks
c, c++, c__,Free source code for the taking. Over five million lines of programs.
C, C++, STL, Windows OSes and GNU C socket hands-on approach programming Tutorial with program
Code__Blocks Studio - Open Source, Cross-platform Free C++ IDE
Computer Vision Source Code - The C++ resources network -- Welcome to the O'Reilly C_C++ Programming Center -- computer books, c_ - Programming Tutorials_ C++ Made Easy and C Made Easy
Cygwin Information and Installation
C_C++ Reference
C_C++ Tutorial_ Selected Topics
Free Compilers and Interpreters -
Free Online C and C++ Documentation, Tutorials and Books (
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist
ImageLib_ An Image Processing C++ Class Library
Industrial Strength C++ - from
Introduction to C and C++ Programming
MinGW - Home
Optimizing C and C++ Code
Rad.On++ Web Site Welcome
SGI - Services & Support Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide
SmartWin++ , C++ Windows API development made easy!
Software Design Using C++
The CImg Library - C++ Template Image Processing Library
The Standard Template Library Tutorial
welcome to wx-devcpp homepage
Win32 C_C++ Compilers
wxWidgets Home
C/C++ Reference
Programming Tutorials
Programming tutorials and articles in C++, .NET and others, software to download...
Standard C++ Library Module Reference Guide
Standard C++ Library Module User's Guide
.:: NOTEPAD++ ::.


Canada, Cities in Canada, States and Territories in Canada, Canadian Cities
City of Saskatoon
The Argentia Management Authority
The Atlas of Canada - Home Page
The Atlas of Canada - Political Divisions
Town of Inuvik

Computer Architecture

CIS 662 - Computer Architecture
ECE 252 / CPS 220 - Advanced Computer Architecture I
CS5113 Computer Organization and Architecture (Spring 2006)
Computer Organization and Architecture, Fifth Edition
Aulas de Organização e Arquitetura de Computadores - CIC - UnB - 01/2002
CSE 260. Digital Computers I. Organization and Logical Design
CS1211 - Computer Design


Cryptography FAQ Index
Handbook of Applied Cryptography
RSA Security - Crypto FAQ
SSH _ Support _ Cryptography A-Z

Data Structures And Algorithms

3.9 Case Study Shortest-Path Algorithms
A brief history of artificial intelligence
COE2SI4 Data Structures, Algorithms, and Discrete Mathematics
Computer Programming Algorithms Directory Article Algorithmic Efficiency and Big-O notation
CS140 -- Lecture Notes
Data Structures & Algorithms - Linked Lists
Data Structures and Algorithms Dijkstra's Algorithm
Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
E.W.Dijkstra Archive Home page
Estruturas de Dados em C
Linked List Basics
Programming and Data Structures in C
The Algorithm Design Manual


Cambridge Dictionaries Online - Cambridge University Press


Digital Electronic Circuits
Digital Logic
E l e t r i c a z i n e - A página da engenharia elétrica e computação
Electronics Index
Inversor PWM
Programa Tche!!!!8>)
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Basics
Pulse Width Modulation
Matlab Clones
Open/free software which is similar to Matlab.

Embedded Systems and Design

18-549 Distributed Embedded Systems Carnegie Mellon University
All You Need To Get Started with The Atmel AVR 8-bit RISC Microcontroller (MCU)
Atmel Applications Journal Archive
Atmel Applications Journal _ Thank you for registering
Atmel ATmega (ATmega16) Serial Port Example Schematic and C program
Atmel AVR 2004 Design Contest
Atmel Corporation
Australian Amateur Robotics --- Writing C code for the AVR
AVR Freaks
AVR projects and AVR Butterfly gcc port
AVR-GCC Test programs
AVR-GCC-list Info Page
avr-libc_ <avr_interrupt.h>_ Interrupts
Avrora - The AVR Simulation and Analysis Framework
Communication Protocols for Embedded Systems
Controller - gravadores e programadores de eprom e outros dispositivos
CrossWorks for ARM
CSC 230 Resources
Dedicated Systems Encyclopedia home page
ECE306 Notes
EE 308 Lecture Outline
EE 308, Microcontrollers, Spring 2000
EE2 Computing Course main page
EE3376 Assembly Example
EENG 460a
Electrons - AVR-GCC Programming Guide
Embedded System Design Articles
Embedded Systems - RT Technology,Multiprocessors,Multitasking,Parallel Computing,Digital Signal
Embedded Systems Design -
Embedded Systems Design Archive
Embedded Systems Internet Resources
Embedded Systems Tutorials _
FreeRTOS - A Free RTOS for small embedded real time systems
Get by Without an RTOS
GNU avr-gcc __ AVR Freaks
Google Directory - Computers > Hardware > Embedded
Home Page do Livro...
Homepage de Carlos Eduardo Paghi
How to Program the AVR with avr-gcc and AVRLib eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0 and Windows CE
ICS 212_ Introduction to Embedded Computer Systems
IDE_debugger for the AVR microcontroller with WinAVR support
Index of _embeddedsystems_Articles
Intel XScale - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Intel XScale® Technology Overview
ITEC824 Resources
Jaakko's AVR project page
Laboratório de processadores-EC
LabTools - PICs, Kits Didáticos, Treinamentos, ComponentesEletrônicos
LancOS Home Page
lf231, Hardware_ Programming the AVR Microcontroller with GCC
Linear - Software Quick Eval-11 System
MAC7101 Product Summary Page
Michael Barr's Embedded Systems Glossary
Micrium _ Home of uC_OS-II RTOS, uC_GUI and uC_FS - Embedded Systems Supersite
Microsoft Windows Embedded operating system platforms, downloads, updates, news, and more. Mic
Mobile & Embedded Developer Center eMbedded Visual C++
Mobile & PDA top articles
Netrino Technical Library - embedded software, real-time systems, reconfigurable computing, C,
Nokia - Developers
Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) VxWorks, QNX and Others @OneSmartClick.Com
Real time OS basics
RTC Magazine
RTOS - Nucleus Embedded Real Time Operating System (RTOS) - Source Code_Royalty Free - from Acc
SDCC - Small Device C Compiler
SEL0614 - Microprocessadores e Aplicações
TASKING - Support for 8051 C compiler toolset_ Download Items
TechOnLine - Tech Topics - RTOS TCP-IP Guide
The educational encyclopedia, data communication, networking, LAN, WAN, tcp-IP
The EE Compendium - Electronic Engineering and Embedded Systems Programming
Tutorial - Controlling The Real World With Computers
Tutorial for Microcontroller Beginner Kit
UCR CS_ Online VHDL Cookbook
Wireless Developer Network - Visual C++ Programming For Windows CE Tutorial
Pumpkin: Salvo, the RTOS that runs in tiny places
Hardware Products
Bray's Terminal Home Page

Firefox and Mozilla Links

Spiral Architect - Ultimate Metal Forum


Nevermore - Ultimate Metal Forum
Spiral Architect - Ultimate Metal Forum
Ultimate Metal Forum - Spastic Ink-Watchtower
Yahoo! Grupos


CMSC 311 Computer Organization
ECE666 - Digital Computer Arithmetic
EE2 Computing Course main page
IEC Online Education


..__ LITEC __..
._ Metal Storm - Nevermore - Dead Heart In A Dead World - lyrics - Home to the 30 Gigabyte Webmail Service
Associe-se em Defesa dos seus Direitos - Grátis
Bosch Rexroth, Brasil
Brasil Online - Guia de Compras - Livros usados e raros
Cartões Virtuais
Como funciona a Justiça do Trabalho
Consultor Jurídico
cool computer
Currículo do Sistema de Currículos Lattes (Jose Carlos Gomes)
Daniel Swan - bon vivant, geek, bioinformatician, chappist
DBTools Software - Welcome to DBTools Software
Enciclopedia Virus -
Federação Nacional dos Engenheiros
FGTS, INSS & Outros - Guia de Utilidade Pública The Official web site of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association
Free Source Code Version Control Software (Revision Control Software) (
Guia Trabalhista
Index of Online books for reference - Get computer science related books fre
LG Brasil __ LG Novos
Linha Defensiva Notícias Seu celular não vai pegar vírus. Por enquanto.
Mapa da Cidade de Botucatu
Ministério da Previdência Social
MIT OpenCourseWare Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Motorola MOTODEV
MSN Pro - Smiley Emotions
Nature < Country and Nature < - Gateway to Iceland
Official Dilbert Merchandise_Online Store _ Powered by
Ovelha Elétrica
Prefeitura do Município de Jaguariúna
programming _ programming - Groovyweb Free Downloads and Tutorials
Prosisa Informática
Quer Vender Seus Gibis_
Rubik's Cube Solution
Rubik's Cube Solver
Secretaria da Receita Federal
TechOnLine - Embedded Systems Conference - Tech Papers Pavilion
Through the city at nearly the speed of light
Tim Alexander
Trabalhe, Invista e More na Austrália - Southern Cross Alliance
Valores de Multas Trabalhistas
Yahoo! Briefcase
Ariadne Training
Danny Elfman 's Music For A Darkened People - The Corpse Bride
Danny Elfman 's Music For A Darkened People is the world's most comprehensive fan site devoted to film composer Danny Elfman
Danny Elfman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Danny Elfman Fanlisting
Danny Elfman 's Music For A Darkened People: Discussion Board
Danny Elfman 's Music For A Darkened People is the world's most comprehensive fan site devoted to film composer Danny Elfman
IE Tab :: Mozilla Add-ons :: Add Features to Mozilla Software
The GNU Privacy Guard - - GNU Privacy Guard Home Page


JTAG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
JTAG Tools
JTAG Toolkit
JTAG open-source tools
ar7 » JTAG
arm jtag wiggler compatible programmer emulator dongle
arm jtag wiggler compatible programmer emulator dongle
Lauterbach GmbH - TRACE32 Microprocessor Development Tools, Emulators, Debuggers, Simulators
Microprocessor Development Tools, Emulator, Debugger, Logic Analyzer, Simulator, Software Test
CrossWorks for ARM - C/C++ Compiler for ARM and Cortex-M3 Microcontrollers
ARM - Embedded Software Development Tools and Compilers
ARM Compiler Optimaztions/Options and development tools for ARM/StrongARM/thumb/XScale-based Applications
SEGGER Microcontroller Systeme GmbH, Embedded Software Solutions - J-Link
Embedded Software Solutions, RTOS, GUI, File system, JTAG emulator: check out the free trial versions.
OCD Commander
Open On-Chip Debugger
JTAG Toolkit
JTAG open-source tools
Amontec JTAGkey : USB JTAG for Altera, ARM, Xilinx ...
Abatron - Products - Debugger Support - RDI Support
High-speed BDM/JTAG Debug Interfaces CPU12/16/32, PowerPC, ColdFire, M-CORE, MIPS, XScale and ARM. Supports Debuggers from leading vendors. High-speed Flash Memory on-board programming software and more...
Agile-DB - JTAG Debugger, JTAG Debug Tool
Agile-DB, - JTAG Debugger, JTAG Debug Tool, JTAG Debuggers, JTAG EMULATOR, PowerPC, MIPS, XScale,ARM, EJTAG, JTAG, COP, Hardware/Software bring-up, debug and test products for microprocessor development
Macraigor Systems GNU Tools FAQ
Macraigor Systems GNU Tools
JTAG Bus Description and Pinout
JTAG Bus Description and design IEEE-1149 information, Boundary-Scan Architecture Pinout
AZ Electronic Gadgets, Inc. :: OnLine Store
JTAG Connection
My board has a 14-pin JTAG connector. Can I use Multi-ICE or RealView ICE with it?
Zylin AS Website
USBDIP - Embedded USB Host and more...
USBDIP - Embedded USB Host and more...
ARM and Intel JTAG Debuggers
ARM and Intel JTAG Debuggers with Linux OS aware features
ARM, ARM7, ARM9, ARM11 Development Tools
Direct Insight offers a complete range of development tools for the ARM RISC processor based devices, including compilers, debuggers, JTAG emulators, and development boards
Re: gdb, gdbtk, embedded target
JTAG Debugger for PowerPC, MIPS, XScale and ARM,JTAG Debug for embedded development
JTAG Debug/JTAG Debugger for PowerPC, MIPS, XScale,ARM embedded development
Debugging with GDB: Configurations
Debugging with GDB: Configurations
Contact Amontec Team
Viosoft Corporation
Viosoft ,
ARM, XScale, OMAP In-Circuit Emulator
Provider of ARM, XScale, OMAP, Pentium, and Itanium in-circuit emulators and debuggers
ARM & game development
ARM University Programme
Bluewater Systems are experts in ARM RISC processor technology. We provide ARM development tools sales and support, system modules and product development consulting for ARM technology.


Developing Embedded Software in C -- Jonathan W. Valvano
EE 308 -- Program for the HC12 SCI
EE 308 -- Using the HC12 SCI
EE 308 Labs, Spring 2005
EE 308 Lecture Outline
EE 3376 Home Page
EE3376 C ADC Demo
Embedded Utilities
Freescale Login
GCC 68HC11 & 68HC12 Windows Packages
Installing the 68hc11_12 GNU C compiler toolset
Motorola 68HC12 Mailing List Partial Archive
MXC300-30 Product Summary Page
Stanford CS Ed Library
Thesis topics
Using the GNU Development Tools for 68HC11 and 68HC12_ Using the GNU Development Tools for 68HC
Yahoo! Search Results for 68HC12+tutorial

Music software

Anvil Studio Catalog
Bucket o' Tab
Easy Music Composer
LilyPond, music notation for everyone

My Top list of sites

All music
a_ Lendas e folclore da Internet as pulhas virtuais (hoaxes).
Bjarne Stroustrup's Homepage
Function X
Librarius Metallicus
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
Urban Legends Reference Pages

New Zealand

Available Jobs
Kündig Associates - Emigre para Nova Zelândia
New Zealand Immigration Service
Positively Wellington Business New Zealand

Operational Systems

A short introduction to operating systems
Andrew S. Tanenbaum
FreeDOS _ The FreeDOS Project
Operating Systems


Palm OS Programmer's FAQ_ PRC-Tools Tutorial
Palm OS
Palm Programmer's FAQ
Palm Programming Tutorial - Palm Tutorial
PalmOS.com_ Developer Documentation
PalmOS.com_ Documentation
Professor Iskandar Hack
Quartus RsrcEdit
SrcEdit User's Manual
Sunit Katkar's Programming Page_ Palm OS - Multi-field Form Tutorial 3
The OnBoard Suite -- an integrated development environment for and _on_ the Palm
Tutorial_ Creating a Simple Palm OS Application (revised August, 2002)
Wireless DevCenter_ Structure of a Palm Application, Part 1
Wireless Developer Network - An Introduction To Palm Programming


ActiveState - Product Downloads - Dynamic Tools for Dynamic Languages
FrontPage - wxPython Wiki
Python for Fun
Python Tutorials, more than 200, sorted by topic and category
Serpia, MySQL-Python tutorial - Documentação do Python
Twisted Documentation Building the GUI with wxPython
wxPython Cookbook - wxPython Wiki
wxPython Online Docs
wxPython Tutorial
Wingware Downloads
Download Wingware products and documentation.


MSM6125 Chipset Solution
The MSM6125â„¢ solution for CDMA2000 1X networks is a single-chip solution that brings new enhancements in network capacity, data
throughput and position-location capabilities to mainstream networks. The MSM6125 chipset enables advanced services and network benefits while delivering new functionality to everyday wireless users worldwide.

Quick Searches

The top news headlines on current events from Yahoo! News

RSS Feed

Folha Online - Primeiro jornal em tempo real em língua portuguesa
The top news headlines on current events from Yahoo! News

Serial Com

Asynchronous Serial Communications
Introduction to RS232 Serial Communications
RS232 serial communications reference data
RS232 Tutorial on Data Interface and cables
Serial Communications
Serial Links using RS-232 and RS-485

Several topics

.__ The Official NECROPHAGIST Dungeon
Access MySQL Database with SharpDevelop
Aprenda Matemática Financeira
Aptitude Test, Employment Screening, Assessment Testing, Online Personality Test - Brainbench
a_ Lendas e folclore da Internet. As pulhas virtuais. (Hoax e hoaxes)
BabelStone _ Software _ BabelPad (Unicode Text Editor for Windows)
BB4Win_ News
Bitzi Ticket_ (ebook - Html) Palm-OS Programming with
Cartões Virtuais
Chris C Mooney
Computer and Information Science Papers CiteSeer Publications ResearchIndex
Create PDF
Décimo terceiro salário - Wikipédia
Dúvidas Sobre Compra e Venda de Gibis Usados
English Grammar and Writing _ English language courses, English Grammar Online
Gabinete Virtual do Senador Eduardo Suplicy
ICQ2Go! -
Index of _~sedwards_papers
INFO Online
Instituto de Ciências Matemáticas e de Computação
Interview with Paul Masvidal - Mirgilus Siculorum
jphb's Home Page
Ju Rao's Homepage_ Free Computer Books
MUTANT DATA ORCHESTRA - The Art Of The Assembly Language Programming by Randall Hyde
Partyzant, Zefir and other Polish musicians using two-hand tapping
Polyrhythm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pousadinha da Fazenda Santa Rita
San Antonio Rocks_ Interview with Ron Jarzombek by Anthony Castilla
Se todo mundo POD...a gente tbem POD
Sites de Empregos - Profissões - Recursos Humanos - RH - Concursos públicos - Curriculum - Ap
Space Shuttle Full Coverage on Yahoo! News
The A. L. I. C. E. Artificial Intelligence Foundation - chatbot - chat bot - chatterbots - verb
The end is 2014 ___.... I will try to save it ;) - MajorGeeks Support Forums
The official site for the 2006 FIFA World Cupâ„¢ Germany
Tools for Organizing Your Programming
Ultimate Metal Reviews - Metal Genres
Urban Legends Reference Pages_ Science (Dust in the Solar Wind) > Little Black Dots > Tempomental
Wallpapers free downloads
Why Pascal is Not My Favorite Programming Language
_-) Nóis é Legal
ASCII - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


MMS resources - G. Le Bodic
OMG Document --
Short Message Service - SMS Tutorial

Software Engineering

argouml Documents & files
Design Patterns Tutorial 2
Design Patterns Tutorial
Design Patterns, Pattern Languages, and Frameworks
Design Patterns
Huston Design Patterns
UML Tutorial - State Diagrams


Free Networking Tutorials
Johnnie's Winsock Tutorial
Spencer's Socket Site Network Programming with Sockets
WildPackets - Technical Compendium, Technology Engineering Networking
Winsock Code
X.25 Protocol
X.28 Emulation


cdma - best of the web - cdma2000 cdmaone
CDMA Tutorial
CDMA_ Definition and Much More From
Chapter 2. An ISO-8583 primer
Tutorials in Digital Communications
Welcome to the International Telecommunication Union
What is the layout of data on magnetic stripe cards
Wireless Developer Network - Windows CE Overview


Análise Total
Articles from MicroGOLD Software
Capítulo 2. Fundamentos do UML
Desenvolvimento de Software Orientado a Objetos
Visual Case - UML Tutorial - Use Case Diagram
UML Tools Builder - Visual Paradigm - Build Quality Applications Faster, Better and Cheaper
Visual Paradigm, with products Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML), Smart Development Environment (SDE) and DB Visual Architect (DB-VA), is a world-recognized company in UML modeling and CASE tool technologies. VP-UML is a UML modeling tool that supports UML 2.0 with the most intuitive and innovative visual modeling user interface. SDE is a division of VP-UML that is fully-integrated into leading IDEs, including Eclipse and Visual Studio, to provide sophisticated code model synchronization capabilities. DB-VA is a single, easy-to-use object-relational mapping (ORM) environment which acts as a bridge between object model, data model and relational model.
UML Tutorial in 7 days
CollabNet, Facilitating Collaborative Software Development


A Tutorial Introduction to Emacs
Basic UNIX Commands 2
Basic Unix Commands
Browsing C++ source code with emacs FAQ
Curso on-line de UNIX
Dicas de Emacs
emacs and C++
GNU Emacs - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
GNU Emacs Manual
Info on C++ mode
lf138, Applications NEdit, the universal editor of the Unix world
NEdit - the multi-purpose X Window System editor
Tutorial de Emacs
Unix commands - University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
UNIX Tutorial for Beginners
Unix Tutorial
Using Emacs for Programming
Using NEdit Text Editor
Xwindows unix from cluster pc
UNIX Shell Programming
Programming the UNIX/linux Shell
Programming the UNIX/linux Shell
Using Emacs for Programming


Microsoft Windows XP - Command-line reference A-Z
Programming Win32 with GNU C and C++
WIndows API Tutorials
Windows XP Commands


Complete CSS Guide - Cascading style sheets reference - Contents
Complete CSS Reference
Javascript 1.5 reference
JavaScript Kit DHTML- CSS tutorials

Argon Computing Ltd
C A Reference Manual, Fifth Edition
Can I install ADS and RVDS at the same time
Computer Architecture Tutorial
Folha Online - Pensata - Salvador Nogueira - Inverno no planeta vermelho - 01-06-2006
Free Online Tutorials -
Kyle Loudon - Software Development and Design for the Web
Quincy Simple free C-C++ programming IDE for Windows
TechOnLine - ARM - Tech Papers Pavilion
TechOnLine - Educational Resources - Tech Papers
Yahoo! Briefcase

Links Firefox e Mozilla

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Firefox Central
Dicas e dúvidas freqüentes sobre o Firefox
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