Friday, May 26, 2006

The ARM processors

When the ARM company released their version 3 ARM processor, which stands for Advanced Risk Machine, they simply were sure that a revolution would take part of the embedded world. Today, virtually any process demanding devices like PDAs, cell phones or IPods use ARM. ARM has licenced the ARM core to other companies so some of them cuztomize it and make it a microcontroller like Phillips or Samsung. ARM is not cheap, ARM is not free. But, its architecture is simply classic for embedded developers. It looks like Microsoft and Intel will team up to put competitors for the ARM processors but I guess this tends to fail. ARM developers love its core, performance and above all: a huge network of developers that could help other developers.

There are several compilers that support ARM including the ARM suite it self. There are open source GCC versions for ARM ( as a matter of fact, many companies use it within IDEs for development ). I guess if one has a great goal, one needs to have the proper backup for this project: money. By having money, huge corporations can buy ARM compilers while small ones can benefit from GCC.

ARM's assembly, by its RISC architecture is not that hard to understand and its performance is naturally superior for small equipments that cannot carry x86 intel processors. They are small so that can fit in small electronic boards and dissipate less heat.

Internally starting from the new v6 ARM architecture we can have a multimedia tool, which just transfers huge memory portions to others with single instruction assembly commands. Starting from ARM 9E, they support DSP instructions.

Likely, ARM 11 will become the standard for embedded software..

Friday, May 19, 2006

It is surprising to see how many people read and like this

Yeah, it is cool that people read my blog. I try to avoid self indulgence as much as I can, but sometimes it is not possible.

I actually enjoy quite a bit to write about ARM and C or embedded, but sometimes I write here what I would write in the past within a mailing list. I just felt that I was pissing off people at lists whenever I had my HUGE argumentation and actually did not get feedback so today I rather write here.

Of course what I like the most in my life is my family, but if you just launch my geek mode I get into this ANSI C, ARM rocks and everything else talking. I avoid soccer too but I can't avoid talking about it as I both watched lots of games and I sincerely like the sport despite everything. Yes , music and films come in the way too. And TV shows. Today I read embedded systems books, C books, compiler manuals and non fictional work with more fun than fiction. I like biographies and scientific books and I would really love to read about old Egypt or the history of the Roman Empire. I love Cyberpunk literature too.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"Life that goes on..."

A friend of mine said that I should not stop posting here. I told him I was not posting much because I didn't have time. I found some now and I just wanted to quote his thought that gives title to this post.

Besides it, my new son was born and there was this new job that required us to move. It was though but we got it.

I also have left orkut. Why? Because I am such a freak/geek/nerd and it was not cool to use it anymore ;-)

Embedded world speaking, my interests are the same: ARM, RTOS and C/C++ and I may have time to UML.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

New job

I have got a new job. I am not working for Iman. I did like the time I was at Iman, specially because the owner and my co workers are fuckin cool guys. I had this business propose from a huge corporation within the Telecom business and could not say no!

That's it, although I miss the old job, I needed this challenge! Some people might be surprised to see me working for a huge company because a lot of people think I can't handle being a developer. It is funny because I know more of c/c++ and embedded systems than any of these. Anyway, past times!

Thanks a lot Iman! You guys rock!