Friday, May 19, 2006

It is surprising to see how many people read and like this

Yeah, it is cool that people read my blog. I try to avoid self indulgence as much as I can, but sometimes it is not possible.

I actually enjoy quite a bit to write about ARM and C or embedded, but sometimes I write here what I would write in the past within a mailing list. I just felt that I was pissing off people at lists whenever I had my HUGE argumentation and actually did not get feedback so today I rather write here.

Of course what I like the most in my life is my family, but if you just launch my geek mode I get into this ANSI C, ARM rocks and everything else talking. I avoid soccer too but I can't avoid talking about it as I both watched lots of games and I sincerely like the sport despite everything. Yes , music and films come in the way too. And TV shows. Today I read embedded systems books, C books, compiler manuals and non fictional work with more fun than fiction. I like biographies and scientific books and I would really love to read about old Egypt or the history of the Roman Empire. I love Cyberpunk literature too.

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