Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Free C++ IDE for windows/ARM simulators and more


As of today, I regret to have posted this. There is no such thing as a good ARM simulator specially addressed to test real code for ARM based processors. They're mostly for people that will create emulators for ARM assembly. See:


Several C/C++ links:

An excellent and free IDE for Windows programming in C/C++. It supports even GUI programming. It uses CyGWIN so don' t worry ;-)

GCC ARM Improvement. They aim to improve the GCC ARM compiler even more.

I was searching for ARM simulators and for my surprised I have found tons of them. However I haven't tried any of these so far:

GNU arm:

Vitera ARM simulator:

Skye ARM Simulator:

Octopus ARM Simulator:

Swarm ARM Simulator :

Also, check the GNU ARM web site.

The Keil IDE seems to have a demo version that can be used as well:

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The myth of Atlantis

I will have more to say when I read this all.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

ARM cortex

Cortex is the first generation of ARM v7 architecture processors. You can actually have a view of it from this link .

I was not aware of it, just ARM 7 or 9 and eventually some ARM 11.

Dream Theater

I bought DT "Octavarium" . I had disliked "Train Of thoughts" so I was skeptical about Dream Theater, so I just had not bought it when it came out ( another good reason was price and I could get 4 Nevermore cds for the price of one Dream Theater ). But it is good so far ( track 6 ). It is AORish in the vein of "Falling into Infinity" which is good. They don' t try to sound as the proggiest band on earth and leave James La Brie singing like never. In the way, they have some heavier momments and they are good. Let's get into track 7 and 8 , supposedly the proggier tracks.

Added later: yeah, finally heard it all, and I really like "Octavarium" better than the last DT's album. This seems to be rather focused on prog rock and they seem to have written this and not just jammed over and over. Congratulations , I guess I renew my faith in my favorite band.

Added much later: Yeah, I love the album, God I love even "Train Of Thought" now. But I have found this outstanding analysis of "Octavarium" which simply reminds us that many Dream Theater fans are intelligent persons not just brainless fan boys: