Thursday, July 13, 2006

Danny Elfman

I must admit with proud that I have been a big fan of Danny Elfman since "Batman", whose soundtrack's scores have amazed me. Sometime ago I read in a Brazilian magazine called Veja that he does not know music theory or does not know how to write music, rather puts the things on a small keyboard. It really made me curious how such great composer could write such layered music without knowing music. Ok, many people can write it without the knowledge of formal theory, but in the case of Elfman it does not make sense. It happens that Elfman was a self taught man ( hehe like me ;-) ) and he actually writes music of the music and arrangement and his employee just manages a group of transcribers.

I guess the Veja guy was trying to make him look like a punk rocker that has talent to sing melodies and interconnect than just like the Veja guy would think he could do for him self. It happens that many music professors despise Elfman because the're jealous of his talent but God ( btw please forgive these idiots ) knows that Elfman knows music. Call me an idiot or what, but I like Elfman better than John Willians. Well, a little better :-)

Man, finding your style that can be recognized by everbody is what makes you unique as a musician/composer. Elfman does that well enough to be called a genious and his songs are also excellent.

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