Friday, January 05, 2007


Due to job issues I don't have any particular IDE to write code so, I have strongly searched for a good one. Although I need to write code and compile at UNIX, I can edit it on Windows. I tested many editors, at UNIX, LINUX and Windows and the best one by far is Pspad. It is a freeware editor free of malware and that has received many awards.

I cannot pay the guy who wrote it ( though I plan to do it ) now but can give the software a lot of praise. It gives you so many tools:

1 Syntax Highlight:
Yes, most editos also support it, but Pspad is easy to set. I personally use its C template with the Dark scheme. I have just made a few changes.

2 Integration with windows explorer
Well, as I edit code from a ClearCase vobs, located at UNIX, I need to map this vobs and open and manage the files from explorer. I mainly do it because I don't like any editor at UNIX or LINUX ( except Emacs which is awesome, but I am lazy to learn ) , thus by right clikcing a file at PsPad allows me to checkout or checkin files.

(Later edit: I gave a new try to nedit as I found my self typing nedit everytime and upgraded to 5.5 and truth to be told I am enjoying it a ton ).


4. Find and Search in files

5. I comes with an ASCII table.

6. I navigate through the code easily.

So, that is the best one, PSPAD!

A note for Emacs: I of course have used it. Loved it, but one needs to get used with its many command lines. As a matter of fact, when viewing a file I use it a lot.

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