Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Best places to eat when you are in Atibaia

I have lived in Atibaia SP Brazil for a year and there were two places I strongly recommend you to visit. The city has many restaurants, most of them very expensive and not worth the dimes.

Delicias do Paulo is known for the parmeggiana steak, which is a favorite of mine, Although I could not afford a real filet mignon , a contra filet was possible to my pocket. Man, they have two sizes for the dish, and the small one is enough for 3 persons. It is accompanied by rice and French fries. A crispy mass evolves the meat and the tomatoes sauce is carefully made to add flavor not just hide lack of taste and spices. And they have this mixture of two kinds of cheese, mozzarella and a traditional cheese from Minas Gerais. The price of the medium steak was 35 reais ( contra filet ) and around 40 for the filet mignon. But really worth.

Picanha na Tabua is what we call here a "churrascaria" or a "all you can eat : steakhouse". But many have these buffet tables to make you eat stuff and forget the meat it self. At Picanha na Tabua, they serve you a big dish with sallad, rice, beans, sauce and bread and then they start bringing you maminhas, fraldinhas com bacon, picanha, cupim, everything roasted and made as it should be. The best barbecue you will find there. The price was around 9,90 reais so it is more than worth.

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