Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yes in Brazil 1999 The Ladder tour

I was checking my messages to a Shadow Gallery mailing list in September 1999 and then I found my message about the Yes concert I had seen on September 8th:

Here is the message:

"Hello José

I saw Yes in Brazil last September 8 and the set list was very similar.Unfortunately Howe didn't play "The Clap" nor "Mood For A Day. :(

But at least "Awaken" was played amazingly!America, Perpetual Change had full versions and "Ritual (Nous sommes du soleil)"
was sung briefly when Jon announced a song from the new album
he said "A new song to you" and than that derived to him and Howe playing a short cut of that. :) They did the same with parts of "Close To The Edge".

I could not understand most titles of the new songs but a friend got the set list and sent me :

Intro: Benjamin Britten's Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra
Yours is no Disgrace
Lightning Strikes (new)
New Language (new)
Perpetual Change
Homeworld (new)
The Messenger
Owner of a Lonely Heart
Nine Voices (new)
To feel alive (new)
(I've Seen All) Good People

I don't know about the other concerts Yes did in Brazil but as
for the one I went to , that was the set list :)
Jose' , Did Yes jam during on the middle of Yours Is No Disgrace
too? Here they jammed a lot, the song had Howe soloing a lot!

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" There is a darkness greater than the one we fight. It is the
darkness of the soul that has lost its way. Greater than the death of flesh is the death of hope, the death of dreams. Against this foe we can never surrender.... " (J. Michael Straczynski)
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Friday, December 11, 2009

Atmel AVR Microcontrollers

I had touched the subject in the past as you can see  here and also here , but I didn't go further because of my job.  I have been interested on the AVRs since 2005 when I was programming a system whose internal printer was controlled by an AVR microcontroller. There was some old datasheet that grabbed my attention. I picked up it and read it for fun when I decided to look for things on the Internet.

Since then, I've been always thinking on assembling a board for programming the AVRs. Now I actually did this, or at least I am starting to assembly a board and later on I will start programming it.

It was like 10 years ago when I had to assembly a circuit on a breadboard, so initially I had to trust my memory and then after a few minutes I remembered :-)

I got resistors, capacitors, LCDs, Leds, temperature sensors, 7 segment displays, transistors. It is fun that I am an Electronic Engineer who has never professionally designed hardware and now as a hobby I have to design hardware. By the way, I will use C for programming. As I spend the day programming in Assembly I just want some thing different!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Project Natal

A friend taught me about XBOX 360 new interface called Natal. In short words, it has cameras and sensors in front of the console instead of the WII-like interfaces. And you can play or interact with virtual AIs through this interface.

As we used to say at college, Nintendo was smart but used a simple solution to create seamless control of its games, but Microsoft was smarter and created a real solution.

You know, the technology for this new thing that Microsoft released as a product have existed for decades. It was just impossible to have hardware that responded fast enough to enable a real and actual solution.

Microsoft kicked a real ass with this new Natal thing. They put mankind in a new level. To me, technology is now separated by the singular event of the creation and the release of Natal.

Congrats Microsoft!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tech blog as well

I have noticed that I have been written a lot about music lately,  and one of the reasons for this blog was to discuss technical issues.

I have been installing the .NET web development enviroment at HOME from Microsoft which incredibly allows us to dowload all the things ( Visual Studio Express, SQL Lite Server, etc.) for free. They might have noticed that developers are allies rather than customers.

ASP.NET from what I gather, is a much better and nicer solution to Web applications compared to the ones that are available. But what I want to discuss, "cutting off adjectives", is that a computer is a large electronic circuit. Due to its complexity and level of integration we need abstractions layers to make it look understandable.

But whenever you hit  a web control, there is no magical entity that does the job, there are  electrons being conducted and processed by large circuits. Sometimes if one grasps the whole thing, one can see the wonders of computer systems and what we, as a race, have achieved from a scientific perspective.

A whole industrial plant being controlled, managed automatically in all aspects: functional, admistrative, finantial, it simply shows a miracle of our achievements. A telephony system in the same level, integrates people through a myriad of complex operations. Whenever you use your debit card without needing paper-money, checks, look at the very wonder of this.

When you see these things, thank someone like me and my colleagues. We have been beaten, bashed, bad treated, poorly paid, but we remain strong.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Another great band from freemetal corner. Cautiva. This is actually a one man band, i.e. José Travieso.  He does everything. Cautiva is a progressive technical thrash metal band with roots on 80s thrash and technical thrash a la Mekong Delta. José is actually a music professor, so it seems, and writes erudite music as well as pure insane thrash metal. His band is actually one of the finest things on Thrash Metal currently in action. Extremely fuckin recommended! Thrash on!

Monday, August 31, 2009


In Brazil there is a crappy soap opera that has 50% of its broadcasting time based on characters that are supposed to live in India, Just like this soap opera distorts the reality, I have been done doing the very same thing.

India has become one of the largest software producers (  I precisely work doing software by the way),  and there has been a lot of people here that tell that India will make us lose our jobs. Instead of doing a proper and further analysis, I followed the flow and started making severe critics to them. It was all stupid. I realize now and I apologize to everyone that is concerned.

I have been working with guys from India, and man, these guys are really good at writing software. We may even not be as good as them. At least I am not, I can tell.

They suffer from a big problem though: their companies cannot maintain employees long enough to create a stable staff and that is why sometimes you see lack of quality in some of their software.

After all, it is my current goal to be at least half as good as those guys. And avoid being stupid once again.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Psychotic Waltz

"(...)I've seen the sunshine on the black side of the moon and
I've seen the faces that laugh and turned to cry see his disguise see the laugh in his eyes drink from the tear that he cries
I've watched the grey man wishing he were young like meand I've seen the child and the young fool(...)" (Psychotic Waltz I Of the Storm ).

I did not know that Metal Blade had released all Pyschotic Waltz four cds with an extra cds with demos from Aslan ( earlier PW ) and "Into The Everflow" pre-recordings plus a DVD with video clips and a bootleg concert. I actually did not know that and I was not really able to afford that package until 2 weeks ago when I found two brand new copies of the packages:

- A Social Grace/Mosquito/DVD

- Into the Everflow/Bleeding/cd with demos

Man, this was so fuckin' amazing to finally have these cds at hand. They are perhaps the finest thing written on technical metal or prog metal or whatever you call them.
I got them from and they sent me the cds fast and in real good shape!
Please also, check and if you ever get a chance, buy the cds. It is one of bands that deserve you to do it most definitely.

Monday, June 29, 2009


Beardfish is an exceptional new prog rock band from Sweden. Their latest two concept albums are fuckin insanely good. If you like Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Zappa and good humor check them out.

They are great musicians but their song writing is what makes the difference. Once a while you hear some homages to Gentle Giant and Zappa ( more like homages, they are not ripping off them of course ) but their music stands out as one of the finest in prog rock.

I can see the RIO guys complaining about them, which makes things even funnier.

Friday, March 13, 2009

My favorite sci-fi films.

Forbidden Planet - I have watched this as a kid, still want to see it again. The plot was amazing.

War of The Worlds - Watch Both versions, original and Spielbergs.

2001 - The pinnacle of hard sci fi films.

Solaris - Watch it in day you are in a good mood, because you will need that, but worth of course.

Clockwork Orange - A distopian proto-cyberpunk classic.

Westworld - get some wild androids going nuts.

The Andromeda Strain- Really astonishing film for its time.

Alien 1- The best one ever made about killer aliens

Outland - a western in space

Blade Runner - Best film ever (IMHO of course :-))

Predator 1- though not strictly sci-fi, the monster is an alien right?

Akira- Cyberpunk anime. A classic.

Steamboy- Ottomo rocks again!

Total Recall - P. K Dicks based film with roller-coaster action and Sharon Stone.

Sphere- Highly underrated but really impressive.

Contact- A very good version of Carl Sagan's excellent book.

Dark City - One of the most underrated films ever. Must see it.

13th Floor - part of the not connected "fake worlds"  trilogy with the above and below mentioned films.

Matrix 1, 2 and 3 - You probably watched it already.

Ghost in The Shell- Maybe the best cyberpunk anime ever made.

Fifth Element - The best space opera ever made. Astonishing visual.

Gattaca - Genetic engineering themes.

Serenity - Watch the series first though: Firefly

Mad Max 3- Incredible settings and landscapes in the desert.

Minority Report- Check the eye scene.

AI: Yeah I pretty much dig it.

The Chronicles of Riddick- This is a futuristic fantasy but hell worth it.

Wall.e - Really astonishing film though people think it is aimed to kids only.

Sherlock Holmes 1 and 2- Pure steampunk detective story.

Inception- Journey within the mind and dream.

The Prestige- Incredible steampunk, magicians and Nicola Tesla!

Watchmen- Not as good as the Comics, but far close.

Signs- Not strictly a film about Aliens, but about redemption and faith.

The Incredibles- Well, a superhero film with huge dieselpunk tones.

The Iron Giant- A great dieselpunk film for the family, but very smart.

Star Wars 1 to 6- Well, should I justify why ?

Back To the Future 1 to 3- Well....

12 Monkeys- The best Terry Gilliam film by far. Distopian realities as always.

John Carter Of Mars- Andrew Staton excellent space and swords film!

Watchmen- I cannot dislike it even face to the comics.

V For Vendetta- The very same thing as the above

Prometheus- It was excellent!

Total Recall 2012- As good as the 1990 one!

Looper- Quite surprising film with great time travel concepts!

Cloud Atlas- The Wachowskis are back !

These are my favorite ones, I am not even calling them "best", because it would be frakkin arrogant ;-)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Last Cylon is....

Although I think that by saying my following opinion I will have to accept some “mysterious and religious” events on "Battlestar Galactica" , I think that it is more logical to think that Gaius Baltar is the Last Cylon.

The visions he has with number 6 are not visions properly speaking, they are rather the Cylon inner being that lies within his brain. Of course he was examined by the doctor, but the last Cylon is a different kind. That would explain much of the talkings he and number 6 have in Gaius conscience.

On ther other hand, Caprica can see a form of Gaius Baltar in her mind, because when she arrived at Galactica, Gaius/Cylon realized it and sent a message to her. This would be an advance form of communication just as one we have today in wireless communications where devices constantly poll other devices close to them. When Gaius found her he started sending her these messages. That is why she sees a Gaius Baltar in her mind.

I even wonder that Gaius/Last Cylon may be the first AI created by mankind just spreading his code through centuries and space.

Gaius/Number Six/Cylon represent a religious triad just as in the Father/Son and Holy Ghost.