Friday, March 13, 2009

My favorite sci-fi films.

Forbidden Planet - I have watched this as a kid, still want to see it again. The plot was amazing.

War of The Worlds - Watch Both versions, original and Spielbergs.

2001 - The pinnacle of hard sci fi films.

Solaris - Watch it in day you are in a good mood, because you will need that, but worth of course.

Clockwork Orange - A distopian proto-cyberpunk classic.

Westworld - get some wild androids going nuts.

The Andromeda Strain- Really astonishing film for its time.

Alien 1- The best one ever made about killer aliens

Outland - a western in space

Blade Runner - Best film ever (IMHO of course :-))

Predator 1- though not strictly sci-fi, the monster is an alien right?

Akira- Cyberpunk anime. A classic.

Steamboy- Ottomo rocks again!

Total Recall - P. K Dicks based film with roller-coaster action and Sharon Stone.

Sphere- Highly underrated but really impressive.

Contact- A very good version of Carl Sagan's excellent book.

Dark City - One of the most underrated films ever. Must see it.

13th Floor - part of the not connected "fake worlds"  trilogy with the above and below mentioned films.

Matrix 1, 2 and 3 - You probably watched it already.

Ghost in The Shell- Maybe the best cyberpunk anime ever made.

Fifth Element - The best space opera ever made. Astonishing visual.

Gattaca - Genetic engineering themes.

Serenity - Watch the series first though: Firefly

Mad Max 3- Incredible settings and landscapes in the desert.

Minority Report- Check the eye scene.

AI: Yeah I pretty much dig it.

The Chronicles of Riddick- This is a futuristic fantasy but hell worth it.

Wall.e - Really astonishing film though people think it is aimed to kids only.

Sherlock Holmes 1 and 2- Pure steampunk detective story.

Inception- Journey within the mind and dream.

The Prestige- Incredible steampunk, magicians and Nicola Tesla!

Watchmen- Not as good as the Comics, but far close.

Signs- Not strictly a film about Aliens, but about redemption and faith.

The Incredibles- Well, a superhero film with huge dieselpunk tones.

The Iron Giant- A great dieselpunk film for the family, but very smart.

Star Wars 1 to 6- Well, should I justify why ?

Back To the Future 1 to 3- Well....

12 Monkeys- The best Terry Gilliam film by far. Distopian realities as always.

John Carter Of Mars- Andrew Staton excellent space and swords film!

Watchmen- I cannot dislike it even face to the comics.

V For Vendetta- The very same thing as the above

Prometheus- It was excellent!

Total Recall 2012- As good as the 1990 one!

Looper- Quite surprising film with great time travel concepts!

Cloud Atlas- The Wachowskis are back !

These are my favorite ones, I am not even calling them "best", because it would be frakkin arrogant ;-)

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