Monday, August 31, 2009


In Brazil there is a crappy soap opera that has 50% of its broadcasting time based on characters that are supposed to live in India, Just like this soap opera distorts the reality, I have been done doing the very same thing.

India has become one of the largest software producers (  I precisely work doing software by the way),  and there has been a lot of people here that tell that India will make us lose our jobs. Instead of doing a proper and further analysis, I followed the flow and started making severe critics to them. It was all stupid. I realize now and I apologize to everyone that is concerned.

I have been working with guys from India, and man, these guys are really good at writing software. We may even not be as good as them. At least I am not, I can tell.

They suffer from a big problem though: their companies cannot maintain employees long enough to create a stable staff and that is why sometimes you see lack of quality in some of their software.

After all, it is my current goal to be at least half as good as those guys. And avoid being stupid once again.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Psychotic Waltz

"(...)I've seen the sunshine on the black side of the moon and
I've seen the faces that laugh and turned to cry see his disguise see the laugh in his eyes drink from the tear that he cries
I've watched the grey man wishing he were young like meand I've seen the child and the young fool(...)" (Psychotic Waltz I Of the Storm ).

I did not know that Metal Blade had released all Pyschotic Waltz four cds with an extra cds with demos from Aslan ( earlier PW ) and "Into The Everflow" pre-recordings plus a DVD with video clips and a bootleg concert. I actually did not know that and I was not really able to afford that package until 2 weeks ago when I found two brand new copies of the packages:

- A Social Grace/Mosquito/DVD

- Into the Everflow/Bleeding/cd with demos

Man, this was so fuckin' amazing to finally have these cds at hand. They are perhaps the finest thing written on technical metal or prog metal or whatever you call them.
I got them from and they sent me the cds fast and in real good shape!
Please also, check and if you ever get a chance, buy the cds. It is one of bands that deserve you to do it most definitely.