Monday, August 24, 2009

Psychotic Waltz

"(...)I've seen the sunshine on the black side of the moon and
I've seen the faces that laugh and turned to cry see his disguise see the laugh in his eyes drink from the tear that he cries
I've watched the grey man wishing he were young like meand I've seen the child and the young fool(...)" (Psychotic Waltz I Of the Storm ).

I did not know that Metal Blade had released all Pyschotic Waltz four cds with an extra cds with demos from Aslan ( earlier PW ) and "Into The Everflow" pre-recordings plus a DVD with video clips and a bootleg concert. I actually did not know that and I was not really able to afford that package until 2 weeks ago when I found two brand new copies of the packages:

- A Social Grace/Mosquito/DVD

- Into the Everflow/Bleeding/cd with demos

Man, this was so fuckin' amazing to finally have these cds at hand. They are perhaps the finest thing written on technical metal or prog metal or whatever you call them.
I got them from and they sent me the cds fast and in real good shape!
Please also, check and if you ever get a chance, buy the cds. It is one of bands that deserve you to do it most definitely.

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