Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tech blog as well

I have noticed that I have been written a lot about music lately,  and one of the reasons for this blog was to discuss technical issues.

I have been installing the .NET web development enviroment at HOME from Microsoft which incredibly allows us to dowload all the things ( Visual Studio Express, SQL Lite Server, etc.) for free. They might have noticed that developers are allies rather than customers.

ASP.NET from what I gather, is a much better and nicer solution to Web applications compared to the ones that are available. But what I want to discuss, "cutting off adjectives", is that a computer is a large electronic circuit. Due to its complexity and level of integration we need abstractions layers to make it look understandable.

But whenever you hit  a web control, there is no magical entity that does the job, there are  electrons being conducted and processed by large circuits. Sometimes if one grasps the whole thing, one can see the wonders of computer systems and what we, as a race, have achieved from a scientific perspective.

A whole industrial plant being controlled, managed automatically in all aspects: functional, admistrative, finantial, it simply shows a miracle of our achievements. A telephony system in the same level, integrates people through a myriad of complex operations. Whenever you use your debit card without needing paper-money, checks, look at the very wonder of this.

When you see these things, thank someone like me and my colleagues. We have been beaten, bashed, bad treated, poorly paid, but we remain strong.

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