Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yes in Brazil 1999 The Ladder tour

I was checking my messages to a Shadow Gallery mailing list in September 1999 and then I found my message about the Yes concert I had seen on September 8th:

Here is the message:

"Hello José

I saw Yes in Brazil last September 8 and the set list was very similar.Unfortunately Howe didn't play "The Clap" nor "Mood For A Day. :(

But at least "Awaken" was played amazingly!America, Perpetual Change had full versions and "Ritual (Nous sommes du soleil)"
was sung briefly when Jon announced a song from the new album
he said "A new song to you" and than that derived to him and Howe playing a short cut of that. :) They did the same with parts of "Close To The Edge".

I could not understand most titles of the new songs but a friend got the set list and sent me :

Intro: Benjamin Britten's Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra
Yours is no Disgrace
Lightning Strikes (new)
New Language (new)
Perpetual Change
Homeworld (new)
The Messenger
Owner of a Lonely Heart
Nine Voices (new)
To feel alive (new)
(I've Seen All) Good People

I don't know about the other concerts Yes did in Brazil but as
for the one I went to , that was the set list :)
Jose' , Did Yes jam during on the middle of Yours Is No Disgrace
too? Here they jammed a lot, the song had Howe soloing a lot!

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Atmel AVR Microcontrollers

I had touched the subject in the past as you can see  here and also here , but I didn't go further because of my job.  I have been interested on the AVRs since 2005 when I was programming a system whose internal printer was controlled by an AVR microcontroller. There was some old datasheet that grabbed my attention. I picked up it and read it for fun when I decided to look for things on the Internet.

Since then, I've been always thinking on assembling a board for programming the AVRs. Now I actually did this, or at least I am starting to assembly a board and later on I will start programming it.

It was like 10 years ago when I had to assembly a circuit on a breadboard, so initially I had to trust my memory and then after a few minutes I remembered :-)

I got resistors, capacitors, LCDs, Leds, temperature sensors, 7 segment displays, transistors. It is fun that I am an Electronic Engineer who has never professionally designed hardware and now as a hobby I have to design hardware. By the way, I will use C for programming. As I spend the day programming in Assembly I just want some thing different!