Monday, January 04, 2010

back to home

I went back home this last new year holiday.  Sadly, the elected mayor is not doing a good job. I went to school with this guy, he's not someone to whom I would extend my vote of trust. In fact he is far, very far from that.

My hometown is very different from my teens or 20s, it is now dark, empty of light and full of "manos". "manos" is how we call here "young folks that are about to embrace robbery, drug dealing or simply young folks that love riots".

Despite where my parents live and where my wife's mother lives, I hardly like the place these days. It is sad to see that the city has grown and lost part of its natural beauty. Maybe, it is just my self getting old enough. But the city is not what it used to be. Everybody there seems strange to me, maybe because everyone I knew got old enough. Some places still hold the old spirit.

I like the cd store there. I recall when I bought cds there and the place was in a very tiny corner. Now it is placed in a huge room. The owner is smart. He realized that if he sold metal cds, he would make money. And now he even gives recommendations. He also sells regular music, things most people want to hear. He is smart.

My hometown has a very decent fried pizza restaurant called "Semiao", named after the name of the founder. Crispy fried pizza with lots of different flavors.

But what scared me the most was the fact that the sugar cane agriculture is reaching the city limits. When all that is done, the city will die, at least for me. As it is placed above a mild mountain formation, most of its beauty is due to this mix of high place weather and mountain look like place.

Perhaps this is the price you pay for getting old.

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