Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Motherboards, USB ports and Windows

I have bought a USB programmer for AVR from a Brazilian electronics store. Imagine my excitement to test it after realizing that a simple parallel port programmer for AVR was not working. Then I connected the programmer to my ATMega8 and .....

USP programmer not recognized? Hell, didn't I install all those drivers? Wasn't this USB port working for my pendrive and Palm zire? I assumed I had made some mistake on the board and - fortunatelly I am using a breadboard - assembled it all again and it still did not work.

The, I recall how hard was to make a USB port to connect to Motorola phones while I worked there and switched for the other port behind the PC and....

It works.  Who is to blame ? ASUS or Windows XP? By the way, I tried to compile the simplest code possible by using WinAVR on Vista, but I ended up finding out that in certain versions of Vista, WinAVR does not work.

Man, please don't waste time with parallel port programmers if you are using AVR. Trust me.

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