Saturday, October 02, 2010

Ben 10

I got into Ben 10 because my kids love this anime. I always watch cartoons with them, but some of them are very annoying.

Ben 10 and later Ben 10 Alien Force captivated me in the sense I really like them. Ben was originally a 10 years old kid, later 15 and today is 16.

He does wrong things in the series, but as he matures he is learning with his mistakes and becomes more wise.

The creators could have made this "Discovery Kids Crap Like" cartoon doing this, but that is not the case. Ben 10 is for kids, but it is a sci-fi cartoon, actually the  science of it is purposedly "not accurate": it is fantasy.

My favorite episode is probably Ben 10000 where the future Ben, can turn him self into 10000 aliens, and virtually can do anything, and "Paradox" on Ben 10 Alien Force, where a scientist sees his experiment going unexpected and projecting him to the future, to a point he sees everything and the fabric of time. Very fun!

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