Monday, February 28, 2011

Psychotic Waltz is back!

Please read it here:
Out of the Everflow... the original Psychotic Waltz lineup is back and heading on tour with
Nevermore and Symphony X. February 25 to March 20th, 2011.

Dan Rock: Psychotic Waltz mastermind
Yes, after so many time just checking out of real serious curiosity and hoping for a miracle, I finally read that! Yeah, they are touring in Europe with the original lineup. If you have checked this blog, you probably know how crazy I am for PW  that  I even put them in a different category as I think they have created a genre of their own.
Brian McAlpin: The other mastermind

I have reviewed their albums at Amazon here and here. Please check out this band, now they are back I am hoping for a DVD and a new album. A concert down here on the forgotten lands of Brazil is completely "out of mind"...

This is the best news this year so far in the metal genre. Probably the only album I will buy this year considering that I am unemployed.

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