Friday, January 13, 2012

Dennis Ritchie

Dennis Ritchie: Source Wikipedia
With the transition of Dennis Ritchie we lost one of our greatest genius. Unlike what many think, C was not simply a derivation from B and BPCL, these were actually interpreted languages. With the advent of C, Unix evolved and all the applications written for it evolved somehow.

And thus...

Networking evolved, compilers evolved, embedded systems evolved. C and C++ are two of the greatest mankind's achievements because they allowed a huge number of technological discoveries to be made.

When I was young, I told my father that I hated to study biology. My father, like always, rather synthetic, wise and smart replied: "You eat biology son". Well, not literally, my parents are: a retired Pharmacology PHD ( my father ) and a retired Milk Biologist PHD ( my mother ). My father wanted to tell me that what put food in our house was essentially biology research.

If my kids ever complain about C, I'd respond with a quote from my father, just replacing biology for C in my father's quote.

Hey Dennis, thanks for C and UNIX dude, when you were among us you rocked the earth, close to you, guys like Steve Jobs were regular men.

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