Monday, January 16, 2012


Fringe  is probably my current favorite TV show.  It is in the vein of several other great sci-fi shows like Star Trek, Babylon-5, X-Files, Firefly and Battlestar Galactica. In terms of quality of course. All these shows share great writing and a big deal of imagination. They depict imaginary worlds or realities that make us believe in them so much that we lose the idea they're fiction products.

John Noble as "Denethor"
Fringe, has a premise, they will explain everything even though, they might use fringe science explanations. In fact, I really love when they have these paranormal activities episodes like when one of the characters returned from the dead using something called "soul magnets" or when Walter Bishop prays in a church, or when William Bell  mentions God's will as a limit for scientific exploration. On the other hand, they discuss several traditional concepts from science fiction like parallel worlds, multiple universes, chaos theory, butterfly effects, androids, artificial intelligence with a bunch of modern cyberpunk concepts. Excellent acting, specially Anna Torv and super specially John Noble. You probably saw him on "Lord of The Rings"  films. He has played the regent Denethor, you might recall, but his Walter Bishop is a fine rendition of all kinds of crazy scientists we know.

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