Thursday, March 08, 2012

Books I read

Brazilian Edition of "The Difference Engine"
I have just finished the book The Difference Engine by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling. It  disconnects the readers from our reality and intensely immerses their minds in a strange alternative 19th. Century  England. Wandering in an anachronistic London, characters seem, at first, not connected,  events are thrown at reader's eye without much concern to easy digestion. It is hard to discern between what was real in that century and what was conceived by the authors. Yet, this all is intended. The very nature of the machine it self is never actually shown, yet it was built in the recent years. London, seems rather dark, polluted and full of mystery. Cars are moved by steam, statistics and applied  math regulate the chaotic nature of a reality that never was.

Previously I read A Máquina Voadora by Braulio Tavares, which I dare to mention as our Bradbury, our Tim Powers, our P.K Dick. By creating an imaginary scenario, situated in Portugal in the middle age, Tavares crafts a story from wise, smart people that dared to try to understand the physics of reality in a time where scientific obscurity was a common sense.  The descriptions of that time are so intense that the reader feels like traveling back in time. This world is  recurrent in Braulio's stories, other of his works also are placed in this ancient Portugal, like in the short tales collection "Mundo Fantasmo" and I am reading  and " A Espinha Dorsal Da Memória", which are short stories books written masterfully. His imagination reminds me much of P. K Dick.

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