Friday, April 13, 2012

Stephen King and Neil Gaiman

Stephen King's "It" : Source Wikipedia
I am a big fan of Stephen King, since he directed a film that AC/DC, my favorite band back then, wrote a soundtrack. Among metal heads, his name was in fact a must have. My first book of his was "Pet Cemetery", which I devoured in a cold and dry winter listening to  Black Sabbath. This was 1988, I was 15. Since then, whenever I got some money, and it was usually at Christmas, I bough one of his books. I even got my mother and brother into his books. King was an English teacher, and is an expert on horror and fantastic literature. I never knew why everybody loved to dismiss his prose. Jealous folks.King's influences were Borges, Bradbury and Lovecraft, which he admires and praises.

Now take Neil Gaiman, a big fan of Stephen King, one of his greatest friends and one of my favorite authors. Gaiman says he does not understand why King is not praised as a genius. I would take Gaiman's opinion over any other literature expert.

Which opinion would you be willing to follow: Neil Gaimans or Harold Blooms ?

It seems that Bloom admires Ursula K LeGuin, thus I gather his brain cells are not totally inexistent.