Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jack Vance and RWS

I want to praise James Hollbrook Vance, aka Jack Vance. I am finally reading "The Tales From Dying Earth", after wanting to read for around 20 years, it was not translated to Portuguese, except the tale "Mazirian The Magician" -  I must say that  has been my all time favorite story-  and it might turn to be my all time favorite book and I am just on tale 3 of the first book.

I just received from Chris Rodler ( Leger DeMain, Razor Wire Shrine, etc ) two incredible fusion technical prog rock metal cds of his band   Razor Wire Shrine :

These make Spastic Ink/Ron Jarzombek childish. The Rodlers are probably two of the best prog rock and metal musicians in USA and yet they are quite humble.

Chris is a modern version of Fripp with tons of Jim Matheos insights.

Brett Rodler, is  polirhythm  master and crazy tempo addicted. The only guy in USA that can rival with him is Bob Jarzombek.

Mike Ohm solos here and there quite well, but I think the main focus are the Rodlers.

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