Friday, October 19, 2012

Amber series

Roger Zelazny "Lord Of Light" is certainly some of the best fiction ever written. Its incomparable setting in a far future where a Hindu pantheon God-like group of ancient spatial explorers create an utopia and live in their  "heaven"  while they experiment with recreating mankind on their will, makes it unique.

So, it was logical that I would love the Amber series, right ? No, because I was not really getting the point. I read books 1 and 2, e.g "Nine Princes in Amber" and "The Guns Of Avalon" and found them good, not worth the hype. But then I read "The Sign Of The Unicorn", finally, with proper light and I gotta say I am enjoying this book very much. Corwin is a anti-hero, a non typical fantasy character, a la Elric, as well most of the characters in the book.  I am really getting thrilled by the idea of these shadows mirroring Amber, the supposed "only real world" from where all shadows derive. So, Books 1 and 2 were not just GOOD, they are really really GOOD. Call me stupid for not grasping that.