Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jose Travieso The Illusionist

Some artists simply like to embrace a particular style of music and focus at it. A few can try different music styles because frankly, it is very hard. Jose Travieso is an Spanish musician who can undoubtedly write music in a whole diverse range of styles: classical, jazz, prog rock, avant-guarde, post-modern and metal. Jose is a very accomplished guitar player ( if you asked him, he will never admit it ), and he is - like my self- a big fan of technical thrash metal. He wrote, played and recorded one of the best tech thrash metal albums I am aware of: it is called Human and his band is called Cautiva. Cautiva is a modern product of our beloved thrash metal, with colors from Jose experience with music. Well, Cautiva's Human, which I proudly have an autographed hard copy, makes bands like Mekong Delta sounding like a child's play.

Jose happens to be a quite talented pianist, whose expertise is on the modern jazz  and modern classical while at the same time he's got some bounds with the 19th century with its Romanticism . In 2011 he finally recorded his opus, which was titled the "The Illusionist" which is a concert that takes place in New York, but the whole thing sounds as if we were travelling between time while he touches the keys.

As much diverse as going from chaotic dissonance, Travieso also writes beautiful pieces evoking Debussy, while he can easily presents us minimalism as if a magician were taking a bunny off his hat.

And in the end everything has an ethereal, oniric atmosphere and nothing is what it seems after all.

And it is free for everybody who wants to listen at :

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