Saturday, November 17, 2012

Song of The Black Sword

I have been always a fan of Michael Moorcock,  even before I actually read his work. I had known for ages he had written Elric books and was such a great mind and author. He is actually a real great person as well. One of the most sharp, bright critics of our time and one of the most prodigious imaginations I ever encountered.

I am reading the Elric Omnibus "Song Of The Black Sword". But back in 2001 it was the first time I read him, just before meeting my future wife, I acquired a mass trade paper back of Elric Of Melbinoné which I read and loved it, but I actually did not buy the other books. Shame on me, this last year I became addicted into his works through the phenomenal "Nomad Of The Timestreams", so I bought a few of his books.

Hawkmoon, Von Bek, Elric, etc. I am a constant poster at his web site, linked above and at the left of this site.

I re-read Elric Of Melniboné and I found out in the preface that Moorcock him self feels that Elric is one of his most dear creations because the author simply most identifies to him. Elric is a a king of an old cast of Kings. He is the ruler of Melniboné, which is a reign where people brags about their superiority over the barbaric world of the so-called Young Kingdoms. Elric, however, is tempted by his character, his ethics, his good soul, to change the world he sees by applying the sense of justice he so close follows. Of course, he pays a price.  Moorcock calls his saga a tragedy and I may simply concur.

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